Providing state of the art automation to Australian farms.

With projects ranging from automated spraying of herbicides, fungicides, fertilisers and microbe laying, through to seeding and granular spreading, today’s drones are more than capable of providing quick coverage in either broadacre or difficult site farms. Taking that to the next level, HECTAIR are able to map your crops and pastures to provide a detailed map of where your crops are struggling, or areas of weed infestation in your pastures. Once this process has been done, we can provide an automated spraying mission to just those areas, saving on chemicals, minimising drift into areas you don’t want sprayed, and achieving a much quicker return on dollars spent.

About us

Headquartered in the Snowy Monaro region, we have bases in Dalgety and Sydney and service most of Eastern NSW and the ACT, including the NSW South Coast down to the Victorian border. HECTAIR utilises state of the art commercial drone and robotics hardware, piloted by CASA certified commercial pilots. Our fleet of professional DJI aircraft, along with our land based 360-degree capture devices ensure predictable professional results for your project. We can operate no matter what the ground is like, accessing virtually any field on any slope without damage.

Our Services

HECTAIR provides Australian farmers with state of the art aerial services for pastoral and agricultural land. We have a significant range of services beyond our most common Aerial spraying and spreading offering, including sub-centimetre accurate Aerial Mapping of your property for planning or equipment automation purposes, crop and field spectral mapping to show plant health down to the individual level, and subsequent spraying or fertilising of only those stands which require it. Additionally we can provide aerial mustering and search facilities, along with soil health and microbe spreading services. All while never tracking across your fields, and limiting chemical spray away from operators whilst dramatically limiting drift compared to conventional aircraft.


Unleash the full value of your land with HECTAIR